Find the Yin within

Let’s talk Yin Yoga! Yin Yoga has fast become a favourite and regular practice of mine.  I just love it’s introspective nature and what it has to teach you beyond the Yoga mat. I firmly believe that we all need to slow down and find a bit more Yin in our lives.  Nowhere has this […]

The Six Different Types of Love

With it being Valentine’s Day today (the day that makes you feel like crap if you are single!), I wanted to explore love and the different types of love that there are. Isn’t there only ‘one love’ as Bob Marley put it? Well not according to the ancient Greeks there isn’t! They recognised six different […]

Yoga for Self-Care

I’m a huge advocate of self-care and with this being self-care awareness week in the UK, I wanted to share my thoughts in this blog, on what I believe self-care to really be and the benefits of having a regular, if not daily self-care practice. How often to you give to others, without much regard […]

Meet Yoaching!

It has been said that Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.  Life Coaching is the journey to your most amazing life.  To me the two go perfectly together and are all the more powerful when combined!  Meet Yoaching!  A unique blend of coaching and yoga. Both Life Coaching […]

Let’s talk about stress

I’m a lifelong learner and have been doing some further in-depth training on stress.  I’ve also just finished reading a fantastic book on the topic by Davidj called ‘Destressifying’.  Stress truly is an internal thing.  It might seem like it’s the external world that’s stressing you out, but it’s how you are perceiving the world, […]

The truth about confidence

What’s the main ingredient for success? I believe it’s confidence.  By ‘success’ I mean any version of success that you aspire to.  Whether it’s finding the love of your life, going for your dream job, starting a business, pursuing your passions in life, travelling or simply to just to be happy! The foundation of it all is […]

What to try if affirmations are not your thing!

I’m writing this blog after receiving a question about affirmations.  I myself am a huge fan of affirmations and use them often for myself and my coaching clients.  They are a great tool for affirming new beliefs and creating a positive mindset. They really do work for me, but as with any tool, they may […]

3 Life Lessons

Ch ch ch changes!  Change is inevitable in life. ESPECIALLY if you are doing the deep inner work that comes along with a Yoga practice and being coached.  This can sometimes feel like you are going backwards instead of forwards and that’s because learning and growth is non-linear. There is no clearly laid out path […]

5 reasons why you need a vision board

“As if your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is you deed, so is you destiny.” ~ The Unpanishads At the end of this month, I’m running a vision boarding session for my book group.  It’s one of my favourite tools for both my clients and also […]

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