Confidence and Control!

I am training to be a yoga teacher and am working on mastering the more advanced moves.  Last night, I was working on doing a handstand. I haven’t quite mastered it yet (and by ‘quite’ I mean ‘not at all’!) and it’s down to a confidence issue. I can remember when I was a young lass […]

What to do when you feel stuck

At times in your life you might feel a bit stuck and things can feel flat.  I know how frustrating it is and the ‘shoulding’ all over yourself starts to happen!  ‘It’s not supposed to be like this!’ you might be telling yourself and you begin to wonder if this is how it will be for the rest […]

As within so without

As within so without is a universal law that is states that your life is a mirror of your thoughts and the outside world is a reflection of your inner world.  You experience the world through your thoughts  so if they are negative and full of fear, then the world will be a negative and […]

Tame your inner chimp

I’ve just finished reading the Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters which I really enjoyed and it made so much sense to me!  It gave me great insights into why I behave the way I do sometimes so I would like to share my aha! moments with you in this blog! The book  explains how our brain is made up […]