Are your beliefs holding you back?

I’ve just finished reading ‘Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton and I found it totally fascinating! It allowed me to geek out in my love of biology (which was my best subject  at school!) and it also strengthened beliefs that I already hold, due to the thorough research and evidence presented in the book. Bruce […]

How curious are you?

I’m currently doing a 30 days to healthier living program throughout January that involves me not eating gluten, dairy, anything with added sugar, processed foods and alcohol! You might think I’m totally crazy for doing it but I’m actually finding it not that bad and I believe that it’s down to the attitude I have adopted towards […]

It’s all about the questions!

As a coach, one of my superpowers is to listen and ask thought provoking questions to my clients that will trigger an Aha! Moment.  As a human being however, I easily fall into the trap of asking myself ‘judger’ type questions. In fact this judger mindset is in built and is the one we default […]

4 Common Blocks to Pursuing Your Dream Career

I’ve been in midst of an obstacle course lately. A mental obstacle course. Following my passion and creating a business from it, is really throwing up every fear and block that I have. It’s been the biggest personal development challenge I’ve had to date, but in a good way! Blocks are those thoughts, habits and beliefs […]