Find the Yin within

Let’s talk Yin Yoga! Yin Yoga has fast become a favourite and regular practice of mine.  I just love it’s introspective nature and what it has to teach you beyond the Yoga mat. I firmly believe that we all need to slow down and find a bit more Yin in our lives.  Nowhere has this […]

Yoga for Self-Care

I’m a huge advocate of self-care and with this being self-care awareness week in the UK, I wanted to share my thoughts in this blog, on what I believe self-care to really be and the benefits of having a regular, if not daily self-care practice. How often to you give to others, without much regard […]

Meet Yoaching!

It has been said that Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.  Life Coaching is the journey to your most amazing life.  To me the two go perfectly together and are all the more powerful when combined!  Meet Yoaching!  A unique blend of coaching and yoga. Both Life Coaching […]

A Chakra blueprint for achieving what you desire

You have ideas and dreams swirling around in your head and can feel those little nudges, pushing you to do something with them. You are being urged to create something more with your life and you can use the Chakras as a blueprint for getting there! You may have heard of the Chakras as some […]

Yoga for Confidence

Confidence is feeling good about yourself and believing in your abilities.  Confidence is also a feeling that get’s generated when you believe that you can do the task at hand (or when you put on those killer heels that make your calf’s look amazing!) If you believe that you are not capable, then you don’t feel confident and fear kicks.  […]

Do you love yourself?

If I was to ask you if you loved yourself, what would your answer be? Would the question itself make you feel uncomfortable because it brings up connotations of being arrogant?  Or would you have an opposite reaction and feel it’s just some lovey dovey nonsense?! Well, I can tell you that it’s neither of those things and […]

WTF does being whole mean anyway?!

I keep hearing the term ‘being whole’ or ‘whole being’ and it’s quite a confusing term. It kind of implies that some parts of you are missing in some way.  That you are a broken being until you get ‘fixed’ and all your bits put back together again Humpty Dumpty style! First things first – […]