Free Confidence Course

Self-confidence is believing in yourself and your abilities.  Your level of self-confidence shows in every aspect of your behavior including; your body language, how you speak, how you interact with others, what you say to yourself and the actions you take in life.

You can build up your self-confidence like a muscle. I have a free short 5 day online e-mail course called “5 Days of Confidence”, which will give you some great tools and techniques to ramp up that feeling of confidence.  Over the 5 days, I share my favourite tools and techniques and bring in all of your senses, to feel more confident!  Included is a quick 15 minute Yoga sequence for confidence too!

Day 1 – What confidence is really
Day 2 – The feeling of confidence
Day 3 – The look of confidence
Day 4 – The sound of confidence
Day 5 – The smell of confidence