How curious are you?

I’m currently doing a 30 days to healthier living program throughout January that involves me not eating gluten, dairy, anything with added sugar, processed foods and alcohol! You might think I’m totally crazy for doing it but I’m actually finding it not that bad and I believe that it’s down to the attitude I have adopted towards it. Curiosity and intention.

I’m looking at it as an experiment and I’m really curious to find out how it will make me feel.  So rather than telling myself that I’m on a restricted diet and I must not eat all those things, I have set an intention to eat healthy food and avoid the bad stuff.

The funny thing is, as soon as you tell your brain it can’t do something, it really wants to do it even more and that is when it becomes torture!  But, if you intend to do something with an attitude of curiosity rather than rigid rules and restrictions, then your monkey mind can relax and know that there is no failure only play and experimentation with new habits to see how they feel.

This really is a much kinder way to make changes in your life.  Simply be curious and see what happens!  There is no right or wrong.  That is why I hate New Year resolutions and rigid goal setting!  They are just way too restrictive and come under the ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ categories and life is just not as black and white as that!

Set an intention to do something and be curious and open to see what happens.  Don’t beat yourself up if you slip and fall along the way as it’s all just a learning experience anyway.

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious” ~ Einstein

The best way I have found to become curious about everything is through Yoga. In Yoga you need to play and experiment with the poses to see how they feel in your body.  What happens if you move your foot slightly to the left or right?  What happens if you engage your core or tilt your pelvis?

Have a little play around now by standing up, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders relaxed and arms by the side and try standing on your toes.  Do you wobble a little bit?  It is easy?  What happens when you look down or up or close your eyes?

Get curious about everything and look at life as one big experiment and adventure.  Don’t take things so seriously!  Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t.  If they don’t, just try something else instead.  It really is that simple if we let it be!

How can you adopt an attitude of curiosity in your life? Try it and see!  You might just learn something new about yourself.

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