Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop

Join Donna & Aga for a deeply nourishing afternoon of restorative Yoga accompanied with the healing sounds of Singing bowls.

This is 90 minutes of pure bliss! You will leave feeling nourished and renewed, at peace and energised from the inside out. Restorative Yoga is gentle and therefore suitable for all level, while sound touches us all on many levels, and the beautiful Singing bowls are absolutely loved by everyone.

Donna will lead you through a series of relaxing Yoga poses that will allow you to really let go and soak up the sounds played by Aga, as you go deep into a meditative and relaxed state. It’s in this place that you can connect back in with yourself and your true nature.

Following the Restorative Yoga with Sounds part (approx. 55 mins) Aga will guide a beautiful sound journey with Tibetan Singing bowls and Koshi chimes (approx.15 mins), while you lie down comfortably, covered by a blanket, simply absorbing the sounds. At the end we will have approx. 10 mins of silent rest so you can integrate the whole experience.

About Donna:

Donna believes that Yoga is for everyone.! She got hooked on Yoga over 10 years ago and this led her to qualify as a Hatha Yoga Teacher to share her love of Yoga and the amazing benefits that Yoga can bring.

She believes that Yoga is the best form of self care and would love for you to take the 90 minutes out of your busy life to feel the benefits for yourself and show yourself some love!

About Aga:

Aga works her magic through her beautiful Tibetan Singing bowls and Koshi chimes as well as her own voice.

She has been guiding Sound healing and other related spiritual and life-enhancing activities for over 6 years now, as she could see the wonderful effects of sound and meditation in her own life and all the people touched by it.

Date: Sun, 22nd April

Time: 2.00 – 3.30 p.m.

Exchange: £25. Payment must be made in advance to secure your spot. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for this event.