The truth about confidence

What’s the main ingredient for success? I believe it’s confidence.  By ‘success’ I mean any version of success that you aspire to.  Whether it’s finding the love of your life, going for your dream job, starting a business, pursuing your passions in life, travelling or simply to just to be happy! The foundation of it all is confidence.  Confidence is part of something larger – self-love, but that’s a whole other big topic!  In this blog, I’ll give you the truth about confidence and what it really is.

I often hear self-esteem and confidence being used interchangeably and while the 2 are linked, they are not quite the same.  So what’s the difference between self-esteem and confidence? Confidence is the house that is built on a foundation of self-esteem (and self-love is the ground!)  You can’t build a stable house without a solid foundation. Your foundation – self-esteem, is all about owning your worth from the inside out.  This means that you don’t attach your worth to anything outside of yourself.  I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of questioning our worth because we’ve been judged, criticised, dumped, didn’t get a job, made a mistake or didn’t get enough likes on Facebook!

“From the seed of self-esteem, the flower of confidence blooms” ~ me!

Confidence is a belief that you can handle it!  It’s also a simply a feeling that gets generated from that belief. As with all feelings, the feeling of confidence comes and goes.  In the same way that your Smartphone runs out of battery and needs to be charged, your confidence battery can also be topped up whenever you need it!

It’s also an active choice.  When you are stretching yourself out of your comfort zone (which you need to do to gain confidence, sorry!), you will hear your inner critic pipe up and try to talk you out of what you’re about to do. You don’t need to give that voice any power though!  Fear makes that voice shout louder and it’s a totally natural, built in biological response when stretching yourself.  It’s normal and to be expected.  Calming down that fear allows your confidence to shine through.

That belief in yourself comes from tapping into who you truly are, which is that still, calm place that lives inside everybody and NOT from the ego! When the ego gets involved, then you cross over into arrogance.  Arrogance is really not attractive at all!  At the end of every Yoga class, the word ‘namaste’ is exchanged.  It means ‘the light in me, bows to the light in you’, and  this is where your confidence comes from, the light inside. That’s why Yoga is a such a great tool for confidence!

Yoga Pose for Confidence

A great pose is Warrior 2 (as shown in the photo below). You stand strong and ready to take on anything.  In my own Yoga sequence I’ve created, I added in some softness to the pose by connecting in with the heart.  You can learn more about that in a moment!

I had to really build up my confidence when I became a Facilitator (and then a Life Coach and then a Yoga Teacher!).  The first time I stood up in front of a class, I almost cried!  I was shaking so badly. When I’m feeling anxious, I also get this big red rash that creeps up from my chest and across my neck.  You really can’t miss it!  The first month of being a Facilitator, I had to wear high necks to cover it up!

The more I taught though, the more confidence replaced fear. It’s confidence that has helped me in starting my own business, becoming a Life Coach and a Yoga teacher too. The confidence will always come if you keep at it and keep going. Keep feeling the fear and doing it anyway!  That’s why confidence could almost be a verb.

If you want to start working on your confidence, then my free 5 day course, is a great start. I bring in all of your senses into the equation over 5 days. I also share my Yoga sequence, specifically for confidence and you will learn how to do the Warrior 2 pose above!

Here’s a little snippet of what’s covered in each day:

Day 1 – What is confidence really
Day 2 – The feeling of confidence
Day 3 – The look of confidence
Day 4 – The sound of confidence
Day 5 – The smell of confidence

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