Use it or lose it!

I must admit I’ve been a little off kilter lately. One reason being my hormone levels seem to be going a bit haywire (my age maybe?!) and also life throws some pretty fucking massive curve balls sometimes. Life can be unfairly hard and I’m getting a large dose of that seared into my consciousness at the moment.

I am witnessing the full scale horror of cancer in HD and wide screen. A lesson in the destructiveness and devastation that it brings to both the person suffering from it (and god do they suffer) but also the family and friends that will be left behind once their suffering has finally ended. I always knew that it was a terrible thing but now I know just how bad it really gets in the end and there are no words.

Needles to say, thoughts of my Core Desired Feelings have been forcefully shoved out the window and I’ve let it all slip a bit. So that’s a good enough reason to remind myself (as well as teaching others!) about the power of the Desire Map. They say you teach what you most need to learn and I really believe that to be true. April 30th at in the Moment, you can get the chance to do some yummy Yoga alongside the Desire Map process and I will be taking it all to heart as well. Click here to find out more.

I am again reminded that you really don’t wake up feeling the way you want to feel without taking action to generate those feelings. Even in dark times, acknowledging that they are still there, for you to pick them up and dust them off when you are ready to feel them again (even if just for a moment) is a great comfort. This too shall pass. Everything passes in the end but there is always a beginning that comes soon afterwards.

Life is cyclical. There is a universal law of ebb and flow. Sometimes things are good and sometimes they are bad. That will always be so. You can’t change it but you can change how you react to it and that is where your Core Desired Feelings come in. They are one of many tools that I have learned along the way. Tools that I so often forget to use on myself and need to be gently reminded of that fact by my own mentor!

Happiness and positivity are most definitely a muscle. If you don’t use your muscles they begin to atrophy. It’s surprising how quickly your muscles start to waste away if you are immobile. Around 30% of muscle mass can be lost after only three days of immobilization, and this can rise to almost 50% within 15 days (taken from the book ‘Your Yoga Your Body’).

In other words if you are not growing, you’re dying or perhaps the gentler term ‘use it or lose it’ is preferred but I’ll go for the latter because that really does shock you into taking action. Life is short and you really don’t know when it will all end so make the most of now because that’s all you’ve really got. We keep forgetting this (including me) and it’s a constant battle to stay in the present when your brain is always wanting to wander off into the past or the future. I find Yoga and Meditation really helps with this.

You’ve got to train your brain to stay put in the here and now and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose! Ebb and flow. I’m re-reading an old favourite book of mine ‘Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway’ and one quote really stood out to me this time…

“Security is not having things, it’s handling things” ~ Susan Jeffers

This is so true and there are so many tools for resilience and I for one will be opening up my toolbox and having a rummage to see what’s in there. The Desire Map being one of them. I hope you can join me at the end of April. You can find out more info here.

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