Work with me

Are you stuck in a rut in your career and life? Are you fed up, bored and disconnected from your passions and purpose.  Does everything in your life look OK from the outside but on the inside you are not happy with where you are or the direction you are going in?   Do you simply just want to feel better about your life?

I believe you are a unique person with unique values, passions, desires and purpose.  That is why I like to offer bespoke coaching.  A cookie cutter program or step-by-step system might not be the best solution for you and your dreams.

My coaching puts YOU as the expert of your own life and as an individual with different belief systems, different circumstances, a different path, energy, mission and desires.

In working together, we will take an honest look at where you are now and create an inspiring vision of where you want to be and most importantly, how you want to FEEL.   We will dive deep into your desires, feelings, values, limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back and I will help you overcome them to reach a place where you are excited about your life again.

During the coaching you will:-

  • Get more clarity and self-awareness than you ever have done before
  • Find and overcome any limiting beliefs or ways of thinking that have been holding you back
  • Start feeling the way you want to feel in every part of your life
  • Take action towards living the life you desire
  • Deeply connect, know, trust and love yourself
  • Get support, motivation and inspiration from me as your coach
  • Get a success mindset routine in place to help you take inspired action
  • A strategy and accountability to achieve your vision

This coaching is for you if:-

  • You are fed-up, disillusioned and know you are meant for more
  • You truly desire a life that you are passionate about
  • You don’t know which direction to go in
  • You are ready to do the inner work to achieve outer results

What’s included:-

  • Coaching that is 100% tailored to you and your desires
  • Tools and techniques that will help you get to where you want to be and stay there!
  • Full e-mail access to me throughout the duration of the coaching


  • Cost of changing your life = priceless.  Cost of coaching to help you get there = six sessions for £210!
  • Payment options available
  • Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session to connect with me below. We will simply have a chat and see if I can help you!