WTF does being whole mean anyway?!

whole_beingI keep hearing the term ‘being whole’ or ‘whole being’ and it’s quite a confusing term. It kind of implies that some parts of you are missing in some way.  That you are a broken being until you get ‘fixed’ and all your bits put back together again Humpty Dumpty style!

First things first – nobody needs to be ‘fixed’!  You are already a whole person!  What I believe it to mean is that you are ignoring all the different levels of your being.  In Yogic tradition, you have 5 layers of being called the ‘koshas’ or ‘sheaths’ in Sanskrit.  Each of these ‘bodies’ goes to subtler levels of energy.

You can think of them like a Russian doll, where they all fit nicely inside each another but you can only see the 1st level with the naked eye.  They are:-

  1. The physical body
  2. The energetic body (you may have heard of it being called chi or prana)
  3. The mental body (thought)
  4. The intelligent body (consciousness)
  5. The higher self (spirit, soul or pure bliss)

From a wellbeing perspective, recognising that you are multidimensional being and taking into account all aspect of your mind, body and soul is the only way to achieve radiant health.  Yoga practices work at all levels of being and this is why it’s amazing and I highly recommend it to everybody.

From an emotional perspective being ‘whole’ is recognising all parts of you.  Even the bits that you don’t like such as your jealousy, your judgmental part, your bitchy part – we all have them!  I love and teach the Desire Map which is all about feeling good but it’s also about recognising that you won’t feel good all of the time and that is OK.

To be whole is to make space for the full range of human emotion – from The Desire Map

It’s essential to feel the full range of our emotions, even the ugly ones that are not so good to feel.  They are what gives us contrast and are really there to point you back in the right direction.  So if you feel jealous, it’s teaching you about what you admire and actually want to have in your life.  If you feel bored, then it’s teaching you about what you need to feel engaged.

They are all there to teach you about how far away or close you are to your soul or 5th body.  I know I have been guilty off pushing down and bottling up my anger and this is something that I still work on.  I hide it away, pushing it down until it explodes like volcano.  Hell hath no fury like bottled up anger forcing its way out there to be released and recognised!

Simply put, to be whole is to recognise your whole self.   To take into account all your different energy levels when you are working towards a goal and experiencing all the full range of emotions it will bring.  Most importantly, it’s about patient and kind with yourself.  It’s a messy business being human!

I’m in collaboration with some other fantastic health and wellbeing professional in a new Facebook Group called the Complete Wellbeing Experience.  Our aim is to give you valuable advice about health and wellbeing, taking into account your whole self.  It will cover everything from what you put on and in your physical body, your mindset, right up to soul level with some yoga tips and how to listen more closely to all levels of your being.

Join us here.  I hope to see you in there!

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